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Latest for 2014!

Polychem is now free for personal and institutional use.

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Designed for high school and college!

Questions, assessment, simulation, games and interactivity covering the high school curriculum and more. All these in a single cost-effective product, designed to support teaching and learning, including home schooling!

Software for easier teaching and assessment

Provide an overview for a topic, then leave it to the software to do much of the hard work of supporting learning. Assessments and assignments can be made in an instant by just pointing and clicking.

Chemistry software that keeps students active

Polychem has been developed and tested in classrooms to get the best student engagement possible. Polychem is a comprehensive program, it covers more than a full year's course. Check the competition, there is no other product that can compare.


Chemistry software supporting learning for more than a decade

Ever wanted students to work independently? Ever wanted to spend more time with those who need more intensive help?

Software to improve enjoyment

Ever wondered why students have negative impressions about chemistry? Version 8 has more fun activities including new 3D chemistry adventure games - Polymere and CSI:Polychem

Chemistry software that is affordable

Want a site licence that doesn't make too much of a dent in the budget and doesn't make you feel guilty about how many people can use it? We don't spend money on fancy overheads. Those savings are passed on to you.


Download a copy of Polychem to try it out, or email for more information.